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Actual state of the Project

Jadrova energeticka spolocnost Slovenska, a.s. has transmitted The Preliminary Study for the proposed activity pursuant to Section 22 and Annex No. 9 of the Act No. 24/2006 Coll. on the Environmental Impact Assessment as amended to Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.


Environmental Impact Assessment – the assessment of effects on the environment is a tool for assessing and evaluating impacts of proposed activities on all components of the environment, including human population.

Generation III reactors

They have better safety and operating characteristics.

Annual Report 2012

Comprehensive report on the Company´s activities and results of financial performance in 2012.

The mission of the Company

The mission of the Company is to prepare the project of most proper type of nuclear power plant and, consequently, to assure construction and to produce electricity and thermal energy in an economically effective and safe manner.

General Commercial Conditions

Basic conditions for contractors, which regulate contractual obligations to be concluded in order.