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The key to a clean energy future
lies in photovoltaic efficiency

Photovoltaic systems provide clean and green energy, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, photovoltaic panels produce energy without combustion and therefore without releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Economic and environmental benefits
of photovoltaics for society

High energy efficiency

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy and has significant potential for providing sustainable and clean energy. This energy source uses sunlight, which is converted into electricity through solar panels. Photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight and generate an electric current through the photoelectric phenomenon. Solar panels are placed on the roofs of buildings, on land or on specially designated solar farms where they can make efficient use of the sun's radiation.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Solar energy produces no CO2 emissions during production, thus contributing to environmental protection and slowing global warming. One of the main positive aspects of solar energy is also its economic competitiveness. With the increasing technological level and mass production of solar panels, the cost of solar energy production is constantly decreasing. This means that solar energy is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Availability and scalability

Another important aspect of solar energy is its renewability and unlimited availability. Solar radiation is an inexhaustible source of energy that is available in most parts of the world. This characteristic makes solar energy suitable for many different geographical areas and allows it to be harnessed on a global scale. In addition, solar energy can be decentralised, which means that it can be used in local communities and independent households, contributing to greater energy independence.

Supporting local economies

Due to its many advantages, solar energy is becoming a key player in the transition to sustainable energy. Its use contributes to diversifying the energy mix and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With further technological advances and support from government and business, solar energy is expected to play an even greater role in the future of the world's energy sector.

How does
photovoltaics work?

Photovoltaics work on the principle of converting solar energy into electricity. This process starts when photons from sunlight hit a solar panel. Solar panels are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, which have the ability to absorb these photons and release electrons from them. This process, known as the photovoltaic effect, generates an electric current.


When the electrons are released, they are directed into an electrical circuit, producing usable electrical energy. This current is then routed to an inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC), which can be used in homes and businesses. The inverters also monitor the performance of the system and ensure that the power is distributed efficiently and safely.

In addition to generating electricity, PV systems can also include energy storage devices such as batteries that allow energy to be stored for later use. This is particularly useful during nighttime hours or during periods when there is less sunlight. The overall effect of a PV system depends on many factors, including geographic location, orientation of the panels, weather, and the efficiency of the panels themselves.

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