EIA process

EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)

Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool for assessing and evaluating the impacts of a proposed activity on all components of the environment, including humans.

The environmental impact assessment (EIA) process for the NJZ project began in the second half of 2013, when JESS signed a contract with the winner of the tender for the EIA processor, the multinational company AMEC. The work related to this process should be completed by mid-2016.

This process is considered to be one of the main tools of international environmental policy for the implementation of sustainable development. It has been applied in developed countries for more than three decades.

The purpose of the EIA is:

  • identify, describe and evaluate the direct and indirect environmental impacts of the proposed activities;
  • explain and compare the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed action, including its variants, including in comparison with the zero option;
  • identify measures that will prevent pollution, mitigate pollution or prevent environmental damage,
  • to obtain a technical basis for issuing a decision on the authorisation of activities under .

It is based on the following principles:

  • the comprehensiveness of the assessment of the anticipated environmental impacts of the activity in question prior to the decision on its authorisation,
  • Impact assessment is carried out by experts in different fields,
  • Broad and active public participation in the assessment process,
  • variant solutions,
  • the assessment process is not a substitute for the authorisation process for the activity in question.
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In the Slovak Republic, the assessment has been carried out since 1994, when the Act of the National Assembly of the Slovak Republic No. 127/1994 Coll. on environmental impact assessment.

Currently Act No. 24/2006 Coll. on environmental impact assessment and on amendment and supplementation of certain acts, which entered into force on 1. February 2006 regulates the environmental impact assessment, the assessment of strategic documents and the assessment of the impact of buildings, facilities and other activities on the environment comprehensively. The Act ensures full compatibility with EU law and international conventions to which the Slovak Republic is bound.

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