Feasibility Study

Main conclusions and recommendations of Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study and the baseline studies of the NNPP project (new nuclear power plant) in the location of Jaslovské Bohunice were delivered under the Contract for Work concluded by and between the Customer (Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska, a.s.) and the Supplier (Ústav jaderného výzkumu Řež, a.s.). All contractual terms and conditions have been complied with.

The Feasibility Study is a document, which contains the analysis and evaluation of the introduced technical alternatives, the assessment of the suitability of the location, supplier system, project management and project funding, and the economic analysis of NNPP Project.

At present the study is subject to a detailed analysis conducted by the experts of both shareholders of JESS. The aim is to analyse in details the feasibility conditions, to define the most suitable alternative of the NNPP project implementation and to provide the management of JESS and its shareholders with a summary of comprehensive information, which could serve as a basis for decision-making processes on the release of funds and permission to perform further activities for the next phases of the NNPP project.

The following objectives were reviewed and evaluated in the process of preparing the Feasibility Study as well as the baseline studies:

  • Profitability of the NNPP project throughout its lifecycle;
  • Safe operation of the power plant in terms of applicable nationally and internationally recognized criteria of nuclear safety;
  • Preparing and launching the commercial operation of the new nuclear power plant in the shortest time possible.

Based on the conclusions of the Feasibility Study and the existing analyses it may be stated that the alternatives of a single-unit or double-unit arrangement with total capacity up to 2,400 MWe are feasible for the NNPP project in the location of Jaslovské Bohunice under assumption that the conditions and recommendations to be provided in the next phase of the Project are followed.

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