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Assessment of seismic and geological conditions

The study titled “Assessment of Seismic and Geological Conditions of NNPP EBO Project – Interim Report” was prepared as a part of the assessment of the suitability of the NNPP location in terms of seismic and geological conditions; the report concluded that no facts were identified in this phase, which would disqualify or significantly hinder the implementation of the NNPP project. The Final Report, which will assess seismic and geological conditions of the location in details based on the new geological surveys, geophysical measurements and the latest methods, will be prepared in the second half of 2013 and thereafter an international review by IAEA will be initiated to verify the assessment of the seismic and geological conditions.

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Connection of NNPP to electrical power system of SR

The connection to the electrical power system is feasible upon the construction of a new switchyard in the location of Jaslovské Bohunice using the near 400 kV lines while expanding Križovany Switchyard, international interconnection of the transmission system of SR and support services for electrical power system regulation.

The next steps in this area will be coordinated in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. (Transmission System Operator).

Location of the NNPP

Four schemes of the location of the nuclear power plant were assessed within the study for the purposes of placing the NNPP project in the interest area, namely those with the largest ground plan of a single-unit and double-unit power plant alternatives, the one with an alternative location in an open area and the one in the area of the decommissioned facilities JE A1 and V1. Individual NNPP placement options were analysed in terms of their layout, technical, economic, environmental and timing aspects of the preparation of the interest area.

In terms of assessing the legislative requirements of SR and the disqualifying criteria for the location of nuclear facilities in compliance with Decree of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of SR No 430/2011 Coll. on the requirements for nuclear safety, all locations are considered as suitable. Upon the assessment of additional criteria, location of a single-unit and double-unit power plant in an open area with the auxiliary facilities for the construction site located in the area of decommissioned facilities JE A1 owned by JESS seems to be the best alternative.

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Related and induced investments

The study analysed the utilization of resources in the surroundings and in the vicinity of the location of the NNPP project, the utilization of existing buildings, infrastructure, systems and facilities in the power plant Bohunice and surrounding area in terms of a possibility of their use for the construction and operation of NNPP. Proposals for the new buildings, systems and facilities were subject to the study as well.

The goal was to define the boundaries of the construction site in the interest area while respecting the placement of NNPP, particularly with regard to facilitating:

  • A solution for power output from NNPP and provision of reserve supply to cover the self-consumption of NNPP, including the placement of the 400 kV switchyard for connecting NNPP to the electrical power system of SR;
  • Inlet of raw water and outlet of waste water and rainwater;
  • Connections to the road and rail transport infrastructure;
  • Preparation and equipment of the construction site.

Transport of overweight and oversize components

The study proved that road transport from the port of Bratislava to the construction site or combined water and land transportation using the Danube and Váh rivers may be used to transport any specified oversized and heavy components.

It is recommended to use the combined transportation method due to simpler and cheaper performance of any necessary adjustments of the transport route.

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Inlet of raw water and outlet of waste water

The Study analysed the method of supplying raw water to NNPP and discharging waste water in accordance with the technical, economic and environmental criteria.

Raw water will be supplied from water reservoir Sĺňava. The volume of 5 m3/s provisionally confirmed by the Slovak Water-Management Enterprise is sufficient for the alternatives with total capacity up to 2,400 MW and applies to the entire lifespan of the units, including the scenarios with adverse climate changes.

Outlet of waste water will be to the Váh River.

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