Project Management

The Study offers a detailed description of the NNPP project management, responsibilities of the involved entities at various stages of the project as well as staffing needs to implement the project and its structure.

Based on the experience of Study elaborator acquired from the large power industry projects the entire project should be managed by a single organizational unit formed within the organizational structure of JEES. This organizational unit has to assume responsibility for the entire project at all its stages. Specialised engineering/consulting companies should provide JESS with support during the performance of various activities such as coordinating the project, exploring the construction site, collecting the input data on the construction site, preparing the complete documentation for a permission issuance, scheduling, assuring the quality, preparing applications for licences and authorizations, technical supervision, supervising the project engineering and construction activities and commissioning. The total need for human resources right from the moment of construction commencement is around 300 employees of JESS per unit and up to 150 additional external employees of the specialized companies. The total number of JESS employees needed during the operation has been estimated at 650 employees.

Taking into consideration the number of needed skilled employees of JESS and the situation in the market with specialized technical staff, the processes of recruitment and professional training (especially training of the operation and maintenance staff) should be launched sufficiently in advance.

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