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Sandbox – We are part of an approved memorandum of cooperation. We participate in the development of cooperation based on the principles of mutual trust and understanding in the field of regulation of network industries

Use of hydrogen in electric power generation

Electrolyzers as a tool for balancing the production and consumption of electricity:

In the location of the city of Trnava, the company JESS is preparing a pilot verification of the provision of support services in Slovakia in cooperation with the company SEPS and URSO, within the framework of the approved regulatory SandBox. The project will verify the provision of the entire range of support services, both from a technical and economic point of view. Planned start of operation of the project Q1 2024 (For more details on the project, see below).

Electrolyzers (especially PEMs) can be used to provide support services, both positive and negative bias regulation. Testing of such services is already underway at Steyer’s premises in Linz.


a wider network of electrolysers on the territory of the Slovak Republic, connected to an aggregated network,

operation of electrolyzers with a power reserve for the possibility of providing a plus service.

JESS project Green hydrogen for transport

Currently, the construction of the JESS project “hydrogen economy” is being implemented in the EMPARK Trnava location as a pilot project for the production of hydrogen through a PEM electrolyzer with a capacity of 1 MW, the aim of which is to:

  • The production of green hydrogen of the highest quality, intended for mass, suburban and freight transport vehicles as a tool for improving the environment in Slovakia, by reducing the burden of the emission footprint in transport.

    • The annual production volume of the project in the second stage is up to 160 tons of hydrogen per year. The stated amount of hydrogen, when used in suburban and urban bus mass transport, can ensure transport performance in the range of up to 1.3 million kilometers per year, which represents an annual run of up to 20 buses.
    • Pilot deployment of hydrogen technology in SR with the aim of contributing to setting the rules for permitting and placing these technologies in built-up areas.
  • To build the basic structure of Slovakia’s infrastructure, necessary for the production and distribution of hydrogen, produced primarily from its own renewable sources of electricity (RES).
    • Building know-how under Slovak conditions for efficient production, storage and subsequent distribution of green hydrogen.
    • The project in its final form and scope assumes an annual saving of up to 1,000 tons of CO2.
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Sandbox and cooperation with SEPS and URSO

In cooperation with Slovenská elektrizačná a transmission system, a.s. (SEPS), the line of development and research in the field of deviation regulation of the SR transmission system is also represented in the project.

  • Decentralized cellular regulation of the deviation of the transmission system and energy accumulation provides a unique opportunity for Slovakia to be a leader in this newly created field of synergy of hydrogen production and regulation of the transmission system.
  • Signed contract for the Regulatory SandBox in cooperation with SEPS and URSO, for a period of 24 months, implementation of the pilot deployment of PEM electrolyser technology, as a device for providing support services and regulating deviations of the Slovak transmission system. The goal of the project is to investigate the impact of technology on the system and provide all types of deviation control. We expect that some support services will not be able to be provided on this type of device, but this needs to be empirically tested and documented for future uses of this PEM technology.
  • Planned start of the project Q1/2024.

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We are proud to be part of the approved memorandum of mutual cooperation and thus participate in the development of cooperation based on the principles of mutual trust and understanding in the field of regulation of network industries.

Project activities on OZE projects

The JESS company, in accordance with the activities listed in the PZ Project Vodík for transport – first stage 2022-25, during 2021 processed the Plan according to Act no. 24/2006 Coll. on environmental impact assessment for the photovoltaic power plant in the Jaslovské Bohunice location (FVE Bohunice). The plan was submitted to the assessment process at the end of November at the District Office in Trnava, Department of Environmental Care. The project will be implemented in two phases:

Phase 1 represents the installation of photovoltaic panels on brownfield sites – an area of 49,049 m2 with an installed capacity of 10.25 MWp.

Phase 2 represents the completion of the Bohunice PV plant with the installation of photovoltaic panels on greenfield areas – max. area of 995,280 m2 – with the cumulative output of the entire FVE Bohunice up to 48 MWp.

At the end of the year, work was also started on the Plan for the Green Hydrogen for Transport project, which will be submitted to the assessment process at the beginning of 2022. The subject of the plan is the decentralized production of green hydrogen using a PEM container electrolyzer with an input power of up to 1.2 MW. The electrolyzer also includes accessories consisting of equipment for storing and distributing hydrogen, including a filling station (hereinafter referred to as the “hydrogen station”). It is being considered to produce green hydrogen in a volume of approximately up to 170 t per year using electricity from the Bohunice FPE. The project was created with the aim of contributing to the greening of transport and verifying the use of hydrogen in passenger bus transport, in freight transport and also for the use of supporting network services for the Slovak transmission system.

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Current status of Projects OZE

In 2021, the company JESS, a. s. started working on the preparation of a new project – the Project OZE, the goal of which is the production of electricity from renewable sources and the production of hydrogen. This project is in line with the interests of the Slovak Republic to produce electricity from carbon-free sources in the future as a response to current climate changes in the world.

The decisive factor for involvement in this project were the results of the analysis “Potential of the use of assets and infrastructure of JESS for investments in renewable energy sources”, which confirmed its economic return until the construction of the NJZ, the priority of the use of OZE and green hydrogen production, as well as the consideration of synergies with current, or future production of nuclear energy.

Following these activities, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on June 15, 2021, on the basis of which both shareholders agreed that the JESS company can, in addition to the NJZ Project, also develop the OZE Project and the approval of the proposal to expand the scope of business of the JESS business to include activities in the field of production electricity from renewable energy sources and hydrogen production by the government of the Slovak Republic.

In the second half of 2021, work was started on the Feasibility Study for the Hydrogen for Transport Project. Based on its results, it was recommended as the optimal variant for the OZE project – production of green hydrogen from electricity from the photovoltaic power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice and its effective use, primarily in the public bus transport system in Slovakia.

A part of the integrated solution within the pilot phase will also include a special scientific research task with the aim of exploring the possibility of using the electrolyzer as a tool for providing regulatory services for the transmission system operator and verifying this use in practice.

At the end of 2021, the Business Plan for the Hydrogen for Transport Project – first stage 2022-25 in the Jaslovské Bohunice location was approved in accordance with the company’s Articles of Association, based on which activities on OZE projects are implemented.

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