Compliance of the project with ÚPN

The process of incorporating the NJZ Project into the territorial plans of cities and municipalities

One of the conditions of the permitting process is confirmation of the NJZ Project’s compliance with the spatial plans (ÚPN) of the cities and towns affected by the NJZ Project. In 2021, the process of implementing the NJZ Project into the ÚPN continued in the city of Piešťany and in the villages of Červeník, Malženice and Dubovany. In the village of Červeník and the city of Piešťany, the NJZ Project was successfully implemented into the ÚPN. In the municipalities of Jaslovské Bohunice, Zavar and Bučany, where the JESS application was already submitted in the previous period, the implementation process is expected to start in 2022. As of 31.12. 2021 is the NJZ Project implemented in ÚPN in ten cities and municipalities out of a total of nineteen. As the remaining four municipalities of Radošovce, Pečeňady, Ratkovce and Váhovce currently do not have ÚPN processed, JESS continues to actively communicate with the municipalities with the aim of supporting the creation of new ÚPN in these municipalities.

The intention is to implement the NJZ Project in the ÚPN of all affected cities and municipalities as soon as possible. At the same time, the state of the ÚPN region of the Trnava self-governing region is being monitored, in the event of a request to update it, JESS is ready to request the implementation of the current documents of the NJZ Project into this superior spatial planning documentation.

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