EIA conditions

Conditions and measures from the EIA process

In 2021, the project activities related to the conditions of the final opinion from the environmental impact assessment of the “New nuclear source at the Jaslovské Bohunice site” issued by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic in April 2016 with a validity period of seven years were continued.

The consented final opinion is conditional on the fulfilment of 134 conditions for the preparation, construction and operation phase of the NJZ.

After the final opinion was issued, all conditions were analysed in detail. The selection defined the conditions that are necessary to be fulfilled in the current phase of the project.

The following activities were implemented in 2021 to meet the conditions of the final opinion:

  • Continue to work with affected municipalities to update land use plans in relation to the NJZ project. As a result, there has been a significant shift in the implementation of the NJZ project in the individual land use plans – as one of the most important conditions in the current phase of the project.
  • Continuation of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in updating the “National Programme for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste in the Slovak Republic”. JESS representatives are members of the working groups for the development of this document.
  • Information, negotiations and consultations at the level of the ÚJD SR, MŽP SR, ÚVZ SR and with other concerned entities on the current status of the NJZ project, the way of fulfilling the conditions and documentation requirements for individual licensing steps.
  • Progressive steps to ensure external compliance with some of the conditions of the Final Opinion – in particular those directly related to meeting the requirements of the Atomic Energy Act for the current phase of the NJZ project.
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