Local aspects

Local aspects and infrastructure for NJZ

In the field of local aspects, additional data on the seismic hazard of the NJZ site and historical earthquakes were obtained using initial research on the stability of slopes in the vicinity of the epicenters of these earthquakes and the site itself. After modeling suitable locations and supplementing the available mechanical properties of the soils located on them, the upper limits of the effects of historical earthquakes were determined. The results proved the perspective of continuing such research after supplementing the input data. For this continuation, a geological task project was developed.

In the area of the concept of water management, NJZ started activities aimed at further refining the documentation of selected sections of raw water supply and waste water discharge. One of the main goals is to provide suitable documents for incorporating the NJZ project into the spatial plans of cities and municipalities. Work will begin in full at the beginning of 2022.

In connection with the activities on projects of related and induced investments for the NJZ, the document Concept of related and induced investments for the NJZ project was updated in order to add new information from the site. This update will also be made in the following periods in connection with the development of other activities of the company.

In the field of infrastructure, the work was focused on the preparation of survey work in the main corridors intended for the supply and removal of water from the NJZ site.

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