Location of the nuclear source

Processing of documentation for consent to the placement of nuclear power plants according to the Atomic Act

The amendment of the AZ in 2021 made it possible to begin the full processing of the Documentation according to Annex No. 1 point A, AZ using the “envelope approach”, i.e. without choosing a specific NJZ technology so that at the beginning of 2023 an application for a permit for the location of NJZ according to the amended AZ is submitted.

In cooperation with the selected external processor, basic studies were processed for the proposal of the size of the area threatened by the nuclear facility, the project intent of the physical-technical solution at the level of the procurement project, and the processing of the documents and chapters of the other parts of the Documentation continued and will continue with the cooperation of the shareholders. At the same time, communication was taking place with the ÚJD SR regarding the preparation of this Documentation according to AZ.

Negotiations were also held with representatives of the ÚVZ SR with the aim of clarifying the content and scope of the documentation required by the ÚVZ SR for the individual stages of the process of placement of NJZ in accordance with Act no. 87/2018 on radiation protection.

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