The company JESS submitted an INTENT for a new nuclear source

The preparation of the new nuclear power plant project in Jaslovské Bohunice has reached the next important stage. In connection with the started environmental impact assessment (EIA) process, Jadrová energetická spoločnost Slovenska, a. s. (JESS) to the Ministry of the Environment, the intention for the proposed activity according to § 22 and Annex no. 9 of Act No. 24/2006 Coll. on environmental impact assessment.

The submitted PLAN is the first documentation within the EIA process, the preparation of which began in the second half of 2013. The PLAN is part of the pre-project phase, not the actual decision to implement the project for the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice. The presented document describes the basic characteristics of the project, focusing on information about the current state of the environment in the area where the activity is planned to be carried out, as well as the area that would be affected by the proposed activity. It also contains information on the expected impacts of the proposed activity on the environment with proposals for their exclusion, mitigation or compensation at the stage of implementation and operation.

“We used a strictly conservative approach when processing the INTENT. Possible environmental impacts of the new nuclear source project were evaluated from the point of view of their most unfavorable parameters. As part of the new nuclear power plant project, the use of the most modern technology that is realistically available and which has not yet been used in our territory is being considered. Thanks to the technology using nuclear pressurized water reactors of generation III+, no significant negative radiation and non-radiation effects on the environment or on the health of the population are expected. Likewise, negative impacts on other components and parts of the environment, such as surface and underground waters, fauna, flora, ecosystems, protected areas, natural resources, cultural monuments, etc., are not expected, even if we take into account the cumulative the impact of the new nuclear source and current or of planned nuclear facilities in the given location,” defines the summary of the results of the submitted INTENT Štefan Šabík, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of JESS.

The starting points of the location result from the resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic no. 948/2008 on a new nuclear power source in the locality of Jaslovské Bohunice, from the proposal of the Energy Policy of the Slovak Republic 2013, as well as from the Concept of Spatial Development of the Slovak Republic 2011 and the proposal of the ÚP of the Trnava Self-Governing Region from 2013. In the locality of Jaslovské Bohunice, due to the historical connection of the territory with nuclear energy sufficient available areas, infrastructural connections, and the project can also be counted on from its beginning with sufficient qualified workforce, with capacities for processing RAW, with a stable business environment and with the support of the local population.

The submitted INTENT is a public document on which the affected municipalities, state administration bodies and the general public can comment. After the commenting process is over, the scope of the evaluation will be determined. Subsequently, the evaluation report will begin to be processed, which should be completed in II. half of 2015. The report will include a detailed evaluation of the effects of the new nuclear source on individual components of the environment and on the health of the population based on detailed analyses. Following the report, public discussions of the proposed activity will be held at the level of the affected municipalities, including cross-border consultations and discussions. The EIA process will conclude a final opinion on the project, which should be issued in the first half of 2016. This opinion is a necessary basis for further permitting activities in the framework of the proceedings in the sense of the Atomic and Building Act.

Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska, a. s.

Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska, a. s., was established on 12/31/2009 by registration in the commercial register. The establishment of the trading company was approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic at its meeting on 9 December 2009. The creation of the Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska opened the way for the implementation of one of the most important projects in the history of Slovakia, the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice. JAVYS owns 51% of the joint venture, the Czech project partner – ČEZ Group – owns 49% of the company’s shares. The share capital of JESS was set at EUR 216,357,000 (SKK 6.52 billion). The management control of the company works on the principle of equality and consensus of both partners. In November 2009, the European Commission also approved the establishment of the Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska.

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