The project to prepare a new nuclear source continues according to the approved timetable

The project for the preparation of a new nuclear power plant (NJZ) in the Jaslovské Bohunice location continues according to the timetable approved by the shareholders of Jadrová energeticka scelnaky Slovenska, a.s. (JESS), stated during the 10th international conference “Safe energy supply SES 2013”, the chairman of the board of JESS, Štefan Šabík. The conference was held under the auspices of the Slovak Nuclear Society.

Part of the presentation was a brief summary of implemented and prepared activities in connection with the project of a new nuclear source in Slovakia. “In 2012, based on the contract for the work, it was handed over by the Institute of Nuclear Research Řež, a.s. as a contractor, the Feasibility Study and other background studies, which confirmed to us that the project for the preparation and construction of a new nuclear power plant in the Jaslovské Bohunice location is feasible in variants of a one-block or two-block layout up to a total output of 2400 MWe” said Štefan Šabík.

The most important milestone of the project, which starts already this year, is the start of the environmental impact assessment process (so-called EIA). In the past weeks, the selection process for the EIA processor was completed and a contract was signed with AMEC. In the month of September, the first works related to the assessment process will begin, which should be completed by mid-2016. “In the process of assessing the project’s impact on the environment, our natural communication partners will be the affected municipalities, state administration bodies, professional institutions and supervisory authorities. We will hold public meetings, cross-border public negotiations, and after the assessment, the Ministry of the Environment will draw up a final opinion on the project” explained Štefan Šabík.

As part of the approved activities for 2013, it is also expected to complete the purchase of land, the extent of which corresponds to the requirements for the location of technological equipment, related necessary buildings and the third generation reactor itself. The company disposes of 90% of the territory for the construction of the power plant itself, and the land necessary for the equipment of the construction site is currently being purchased. The purchase of land is carried out within the cadastres of selected municipalities in the Trnava and Piešťan districts.

In the past months, a study of seismicity and geological conditions was also completed, which confirmed the feasibility of the project in the given area from the point of view of the natural specifics of the given area. At the same time, the representatives of the Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska want to initiate an international review by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) aimed at verifying the evaluation of the results of the Final Report, which assesses in detail and according to the latest methodologies the suitability of the location for a new nuclear source from the above-mentioned point of view. In addition to this process, as part of the activities approved by the Supervisory Board of JESS until 2016, the preparation of the infrastructure is expected, as well as activities related to the connection to the transmission system of the SR.

The construction and operation of the nuclear power source brings long-term support for the surrounding municipalities in the form of regular income not only for employees, but also for local governments in the form of taxes, which leads to an increase in the standard of living in the entire region. Substantial funds are then also directed to the support of healthcare, education, culture and the activities of local organizations. “We assume that approximately 4,000 workers from specialized companies will participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant. The total number of employees of the Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska during the operation of the new nuclear power plant should reach 650” stated the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JESS.

Negotiations on the possible involvement of new partners in the project are currently ongoing. In connection with its decision to focus on activities in the Czech Republic, ČEZ Group has decided to test interest in its stake in JESS, while negotiations on its eventual sale have not yet been concluded. JESS signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Rosatom, which allows a third party to obtain information on the status of the new nuclear power plant project. The same Memorandum can be signed with any serious candidate for joining the project. At the same time, the Slovak government supported the creation of a working group that examines in detail all variants of securing the project in the future.

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