The JESS company regularly communicates the New Nuclear Power Plant construction project with the public

Since its inception, the Jadrová energetická spoločnosť Slovenska has regularly communicated the project of preparing the construction of a new nuclear source with representatives of local governments. Regular meetings of the members of the Bohunice Civic Information Commission (OIK), which is an organizational unit of the Association of Towns and Communities (ZMO) JE Jaslovské Bohunice region, with the company’s management serve this purpose, among other things. In addition to representatives of JESS, OIK members also include representatives of municipalities located near nuclear facilities, together with representatives of JAVYS and Slovenské elektrární, a member of the ENEL group.

At the same time, the JESS company takes the initiative to create a space for discussion about current events and the future of nuclear energy in the region. In November 2012, all members of the ZMO had the opportunity to participate in a professional seminar on the topic “Current projects in the Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant”. The meaningfulness of such meetings is also evidenced by the fact that the said seminar was attended by approximately 50 mayors and mayors, who asked questions not only to representatives of JESS, but also to representatives of Slovenské elektrární, JAVYS, and the Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority. Municipalities are informed about each milestone within the project. It was the mayors and mayors who were the first to be informed at the Bohunice OIK meeting about the conclusions of the Feasibility Study regarding the project of preparing the construction of a new nuclear power plant.

In connection with the preparation of the project of a new nuclear source, municipalities will already this year become a natural communication partner in the process of assessing the impact of the project on the environment, that is, within the so-called of the EIA process.

It would be good to remember that the new nuclear power source should be a “joint” project of JESS and representatives of municipalities in its planned vicinity. The presence of a nuclear resource means a support for municipalities that they can rely on even in worse times. Sufficiently strong companies can always provide the security of permanent jobs, regular income, not only for employees, but also for municipalities in the form of taxes, which leads to an increase in the standard of living in the entire region. Substantial funds are then also directed to the support of healthcare, education, culture and the activities of local organizations.

Representatives of JESS were, are and will always be ready to discuss not only with representatives of individual municipalities, but also directly with residents on any topics related to the project of a new nuclear source.

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